Human Rights and Business

AFLA’s newest project is a call to action to African Businesses and Business Leaders to become engaged in efforts to promote the rule of law and political stability in Africa by supporting the work of human rights and justice advocates.

To further its objectives of ‘Making Human Rights a Reality’, Africa Legal Aid is reaching out to the business sector, to engage them in efforts to translate paper written rights into practical reality for Africa and its people.

All across Africa, there is growing awareness about the need for civil society groups, particularly those working on human rights and the rule of law, to engage not only governments but also the business community in efforts to give recognition and effect to human rights protection. A favorable legal and human rights environment contributes to long term economic gains for enterprises and as a consequence, to economic progress in Africa. Simply put, respect for human rights is good for business! Political stability is good for business!

How do we replace blood diamonds with job opportunities, dignity, and peace and security for all? This is not only the task of politicians and governments, but also civil societies and the business sector.

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