Gender Justice Campaign

AFLA has a sensitivity for gender equality and gender justice and incorporates gender perspectives in all its activities, not least because our organization is women-led. Gender groups and women-led civil society groups are some of AFLA’s key partners.

Significantly, AFLA engages men in its activities on gender equality and gender justice. It is important to build men’s capacity on gender sensitivity, because what we are striving for is gender equality and elimination of gender-based violence, and men should be part of this process.

In 2007, AFLA initiated a Gender Justice Campaign in response to the gender inequality and marginalisation of women that were continuing to affect laws, policies, practices, and domestic relations worldwide. Through this Campaign and its Gender Network Forum, AFLA cooperates with women advocates and networks throughout Africa and elsewhere to address undertreated areas of gender justice and gender-based violence, and expand the list of offences that constitute gender crimes.

AFLA is intensifying its activities to incorporate gender perspectives in international norms and standards.

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