Africa and the International Criminal Court

All six situations currently before the ICC involve African nations: Libya, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Central African Republic. This observation has subjected the court to accusations that it is biased against Africa. At the same time it is widely acknowledged that victimization of Africans has been widespread, and that these cases represent precisely the kinds of situations the Court was established to address: the most serious crimes of concern to the international community.

Yet there is much misconception and little understanding about the mandate and activities of the ICC in Africa. This affects the legitimacy of the International Justice System, support for it, and its effects. AFLA’s intervention will raise awareness on International Criminal Justice and on work of the International Criminal Court, by engaging both human rights and justice sectors as well as broader publics in Africa.

AFLA’s Program on Africa and International Justice promotes accountability and contributes to ending impunity for gross human rights violations.

Free from the harmful effects of massive crimes, Africans will be better able to concentrate on attaining economic development and political stability, thereby making human rights a reality for Africa and its people.

AFLA is intensifying its Awareness Raising Dialogues for African NGOs, Legal Fraternities, Gender Groups, and Civil Societies.

AFLA is monitoring proceedings before the International Criminal Court in The Hague and in the countries subject to investigations. AFLA‘s current strategy is to submit, on a selected and targeted basis, amicus briefs to the ICC addressing international justice issues of special resonance to Africa, and share the results of its interventions not only with the stated target groups, but also with broader publics.

Wide dissemination of findings and other information on the ICC by AFLA, an organization known for its emphasis on the African perspective, will help dispel misconceptions about the ICC and increase its legitimacy in Africa. AFLA’s interventions addressing unsettling areas of real and practical significance for Africa will enhance the universality of International Justice. As well, it will increase confidence in the International Justice system by Africans, resulting in more adjudication of cases involving massive crimes.

Consequently, AFLA’s Program on Africa and the ICC will contribute to promoting accountability and ending impunity in Africa and help develop an International Justice system that is perceived as legitimate, objective, and impartial.

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