Africa and the International Criminal Court

Nine of the fourteen cases currently before the ICC are African situations: Central African Republic, Central African Republic II, Côte d’Ivoire, Darfur (Sudan), Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Libya, Mali, and Uganda.

AFLA monitors proceedings before the ICC and appraises the Court’s judgements.

For years the ICC was accused of being biased against Africa. However, the opening of new inquiries in other parts of the world has minimised those criticisms.

There is much misconception and little understanding about the mandate and activities of the ICC in Africa. This affects the legitimacy of the international justice system and support for it. AFLA raises awareness of the work of the ICC and the evolving regime of international criminal justice.

Free from the harmful effects of massive crimes, Africans will be better able to concentrate on attaining economic development and political stability, thereby making human rights a reality for Africa and its people.

AFLA is intensifying its awareness-raising dialogues for victims of violent crimes, NGOs, legal fraternities, gender groups, and civil societies.

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