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AFLA’s mission is to address the legal and human rights challenges facing Africa. The organization seeks to create opportunities through which legal institutions in Africa can develop norms and practices that prevent human rights violations. Hence, our efforts are geared towards creating a new legal awareness in Africa by promoting African perspectives on international justice and by being a consistent and reliable reference to the international community on human rights and justice development in Africa.


Africa Legal Aid (AFLA) is a pan-African and international NGO that exclusively addresses issues involving the contemporary legal and political culture of the African continent. This culture –unfortunately- comprises massive human rights violations including crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, violations of personal security rights and violations of core economic, social and cultural rights.

AFLA’s vision is to reform this culture of impunity and unaccountability in order to translate paper written rights into practical reality for Africa and its people. By doing so, AFLA seeks a new African dawn in which the rights of the African people shall be respected and promoted without distinction as to ethnic origin, nationality, gender, religion, age or social status.

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