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 The Existing Gap and Need for African Perspectives

When international justice and human rights are discussed, western perspectives tend to dominate popular opinion. Given the key role of international justice in Africa, there is a need for voices from the continent not only to be heard, but to be shared. More importantly, there is a need for African legal scholars to highlight the often marginalized voices of Africa. Simply put, it is time to mainstream African perspectives in human rights, gender justice and international justice. Africa Legal Aid and its “flagship” journal are spearheading this initiative.

AFLA Quarterly: Bridging the Gap

Africa Legal Aid’s “flagship” journal, the AFLA Quarterly, effectively serves this purpose: to voice and provide access to African views within the legal discourse. Since its launch in 1996, the AFLA Quarterly has produced a wealth of information from African legal scholars, judges, gender advocates, legal practitioners and opinion leaders, on human rights and justice developments relating to Africa.

At its very affordable price of 100 Euros/year (excl. freight costs), the Quarterly is accessible to all. The Quarterly addresses human rights, gender and justice issues. Quarterly editions have been dedicated to the following themes: the International Criminal Court (ICC); the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the African Court on Human and People’s Rights; National Human Rights Commissions in Africa; African Perspectives on Universal jurisdiction; a Holistic Approach to Gender Justice; Gender Justice and the Legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), to mention only a few. For an overview of all AFLA Quarterly editions, please consult this link.

What Makes the AFLA Quarterly Unique?

AFLA has a special niche in the world of human rights NGOs and is the only NGO with an international reach whose activities are driven from within Africa itself. Its “flagship” journal, the AFLA Quarterly, is the only major journal addressing human rights and justice developments in popular legal discourse.

Praise for the AFLA Quarterly

To mark the first ICC Review Conference in Kampala, AFLA dedicated a special edition of its journal to the theme: “On the Shores of Lake Victoria: Africa and the ICC Review Conference.” During the launch of this edition in Kampala, UN Assistant Secretary-General H.E. Adama Dieng, hailed AFLA “for its relentless efforts to make African issues visible on the international agenda.”

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