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The Legal Profession and the Protection of Human Rights in Africa


Eds. Ankumah & Kwakwa, AFLA Publication, (1999)

This publication addresses different aspects of the application of regional and international human rights norms at the domestic, regional and international levels.  It discusses the role of regional institutions, such as the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Ghana Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, and other bodies in the protection of human rights in Africa. The publication also examines the role of national lawyers in bringing cases before human rights monitoring bodies, how judges and lawyers can be protectors or violators of human rights, and the importance of women’s rights.

The publication contains country reports presented by various grassroots NGOs from different regions in Africa.  The country reports describe the status of regional and international treaties under national law, the status of ratification of the African Charter and major UN human rights treaties, measures taken by States to implement human rights treaties, and domestic application of human rights treaties.