Presenting Hague Girls Part One: Fleeing


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After being targeted by a coordinated campaign of threats and media harassment, Ewurabena was forced to flee Ghana with her young family. But the last thing she expected was for President Barack Obama to endorse the journalist behind it all.

Holding his copy of Hague Girls Part One: Fleeing, the literary giant himself, Wole Soyinka, first black African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In this captivating memoir, the first instalment of Hague Girls, Ewurabena sets out her side of the story. She charts the early course of her career as a human rights lawyer, from her student days in Minnesota to her role as the founder of a well-respected human rights organisation. With her characteristic insight and composure, she explains how the campaign against her unfolded, and in so doing explores the abuse of power and privilege in Ghana and beyond.

As one reviewer has observed, ‘Hague Girls is a book about courage and perseverance. It contains all the ingredients of a thriller: the intrigue, the machinations and manipulations of the media and government, the interplay of family and societal relations and the persistent struggle of one woman to challenge all of these factors.’
‘But Hague Girls is a true story and not a work of fiction. This makes it inspiring but also sobering…….’

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