Presentation given by Xavier-Jean Keïta at Africa Legal Aid Conference

Africa Legal Aid (AFLA), in cooperation with ICJ-Kenya and the Division for Internationalisation at the University of Johannesburg, convened a high level pan-African and lessons learned conference entitled “Africa and the International Criminal Court (ICC): Lessons Learned and Synergies Ahead”. This conference was held at Webber Wentzel Auditorium, Johannesburg, South Africa, from 9-10 September 2014.

Xavier-Jean Keïta, Principal Counsel, Office of Public Counsel for Defense, International Criminal Court (ICC) gave a presentation during this conference under the theme ‘Intensifying ICC Cooperation in Africa’. This presentation was on the topic: “Defense Perspectives”.

Please find the presentation given by Xavier-Jean Keïta below:

Presentation given by Xavier-Jean Keïta at Afria Legal Aid Conference

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