Human Rights and Business Conference Report

Between 5-6 July 2012, a Pan-African conference on “Human Rights and Business: African Perspectives” was convened in Johannesburg, South Africa by Africa Legal Aid in cooperation with law firm Webber Wentzel, and supported by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the Law Society of South Africa, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and other stakeholders. The event brought together legal experts, civil society representatives, business leaders, and public officials who approached a diverse array of themes related to corporate accountability and human rights on the African continent – such as:

•  The South-North aspects of human rights and business
•  Corporate social responsibility vs. corporate criminal responsibility
•  Engaging the youth in the human rights and business agenda
•  Exploration of human rights and business best practices
•  Gender perspectives on human rights and business

Please find hereby the conference report:

Human Rights & Business Conference Report

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