Extraordinary African Chambers to try Hissène Habré

Hissène Habré © 2014 Getty Images

Hissène Habré © 2014 Getty Images

After a long campaign to bring former Chadian dictator, Hissène Habré to justice, Habré is scheduled to face justice in Senegal from May or June this year. Habré is charged with crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture allegedly committed in Chad between 1982 and1990.

Senegal had refused to send Habré to Belgium where he had been indicted by a Belgian court in 2005. Belgium then filed suit against Senegal at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ held in favour of Belgium and ordered Senegal to either prosecute “without further notice” or extradite Habré to Belgium.

The African Union (AU) got involved to “find an African solution to an African problem” as it were. An Agreement was concluded between Senegal and the AU to conduct a trial within the Senegalese judicial system, the Extraordinary African Chambers, to prosecute Habré.

Habre’s trial will be the first trial of a former head of state in a foreign African country.

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